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You can create a mailing list with all of your customer's emails. This can be useful for emailing promotions or other activities.
To use the Email Mailing List Wizard:
Select Customers and then Email Mailing List Wizard from the main menu. The wizard will appear.
Step 1. Welcome
The first step welcomes you to the wizard and indicates what it does. To continue:
               1.        Click the Next button.
Step 2. Select the Mailing List Filename
               1.        Enter the Mailing List Filename or choose one by clicking the Browse button.
               2.        Click the Next button.
Step 3. Finished
All of the necessary information has been entered. To continue:
               1.        Click the Next button.
All of your customers email addresses have now been exported to the file.
· To email the list open the file and then copy and paste the emails into your mail software.
· If you put all of the emails into the To field every customer will recieve everyone else's email address. To avoid this enter your own email address into the To field and paste your customer list into the BCC field.
· Many people don't like recieving unsolicited emails or Spam. You should confirm that a customer is happy to recieve promotions before sending them.
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