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This is the fourth tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Tour Reservation. This tutorial steps you through the process of viewing customers.
Customer tracking is an important part of the application. Maintaining a client list allows you to increase repeat sales and analyse reservation patterns.
To view the customer list:

               1.        Click the View Customers button on the toolbar.
To add a new customer:
               1.        Click the Add Customer button.
               2.        Enter the new customer's details.
               3.        Click the OK button.
To view or edit the details of a customer:
               1.        Select the customer's name from the list.
               2.        Click the View/Edit Customer button.
               3.        Change any details as required.
               4.        Click the OK button.
To delete a customer:
               1.        Select the customer's name from the list.
               2.        Click the Delete Customer button.
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