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Why do you need Tour Reservation Software?

Running a business should be about running the business, not about the administation that goes on behind the scenes. Many businesses will reach a point where they have grown to such an extend that the administration becomes the largest part of the work! This is not how it should be.

When this point is reached it is helpful to use a software system designed for your particular business, this then helps cut down administration tasks and makes new opportunities available that would not have been with a manual system. As well as the time saved, tour software also allows for the creation of reports, collecting customer information or reservations, help with marketing and easier management of finances.

How can iMagic Tour Reservation Help?

iMagic Tour Reservation has been designed for the specific needs of the Tour Operator. It is designed so that it is easy to use, this is possible by tailoring the software to those unique needs. It allows for the management of what becomes, in a short space of time, large amounts of data. When you consider the large number of tours possible, customer details for each tour, payments and other items, then multiply this by the number of tours a year.

iMagic Tour Reservation makes the whole process easier by making it more managable. By effictibley managing this information less time is spent on what was manual tasks, freeing up time and resources for other activities and ideas.

Why iMagic Tour Reservation?

iMagic Tour Reservation has these benefits:

It's wonderfully easy to use! Get started more quickly than ever before with our unique Configuration Wizard and Tour Wizard. Set up general settings first, then get into the details of the tours you're running. Tour reservation software just got easy!
Spend far less time on managing reservations - let our tour reservation software manage and track the reservations. Just follow the prompts and enter in the booking details. iMagic Tour Reservation will keep track and handle the rest.
Timely support - we produce regular updates based on feedback from our customers like you. We listen to what people want then we add that in, it's that simple! Easy to use support from email and our dedicated web forum, including articles and tips. Designed around you to help you manage your tours.

Common Uses of iMagic Tour Reservation

iMagic Tour Reservation is used to help in tasks including:

Tour operators wanting cost efficient procedures of taking, maintaining and managing reservations.
Tracking payments from guests and deposits, recording customer details for repeat business or marketing promotions.
Being organized. Keep all your customers, reservation and tour details together in one place. No more hunting around for lost information. While avoiding missed tours and double bookings.
Keep an eye on the big picture. It's easy to get lost in the day to day activities of business and lose the feel of the bigger direction of your business. By keeping the information together on a computer you have access to views and information that give an overview of how you are doing. Helping to keep your goals in sight with the click of a mouse!

For more details on iMagic Tour Reservation view our Feature List.