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Software Updates - 2024

Existing customers can download updates by launching iMagic Tour Reservation and selecting from the main menu Help/Check Web for Updates.

Updates in v1.31

- Main executable is now signed (helps to reduce false positives from anti-virus software).

- Minor bug fixes.

Updates in v1.30

- Added direct Send Database to Support option. - Reviewed by Jon W.

- Added option to show customer reservation history from customer search. - Reviewed by Kimberly.

- Customer reservations can now be opened from the customer search (when viewing customer history). - Reviewed by Doug B.

- Bug fix - editing an existing full reservation was causing a warning. - Reviewed by Kimberly.

- If no guests entered during a booking is zero, a warning is now displayed. - Reviewed by Doug B.

- Added default number of guests into settings. - Reviewed by Doug B.

Updates in v1.29

- Bug fix - the add tour wizard was causing a crash if more than 50 characters were entered into the name field. - Reviewed by Marine D.

Updates in v1.26

- Bug fix - When adding multiple dates on Windows 7 the day of week was out by one day. - Reviewed by Lana W.

- Updated tour configuration grid control, this now allows sorting by clicking on the column title.

- Added option to disable the main window being maximized on start.

- Improved start up speed for large databases.

Updates in v1.25

- Bug fix - The maximum people on tour setting wasn't always being referenced on the customer booking step. - Reviewed by Adam E.

Updates in v1.24

- Updates for Windows 7 and minor bug fixes.

Updates in v1.23

- Update to keep updated with changes in Windows.

Updates in v1.22

- Added the option to show different colors based on the status of the tours (Configure/Advanced/Advanced Calendar). - Reviewed by JR.

- Added ability to set Confirmation and Template File Folders (Configure/Settings).

Updates in v1.21

- Added CSV export of Tour Manifest. This can then be loaded for use in other applications like Excel. - Reviewed by Stephen.

Updates in v1.20

- Fixed bug where importing NULLs directly into the database causes a crash. - Reviewed by Larry H.

- Added option to view path of database, select Help/About, then click Database. - Reviewed by Jon W.

Updates in v1.19

- Minor bug fixes for users upgrading. - Reviewed by Mark.

Updates in v1.18

- Added tags to TourManifest template:
- Reviewed by Faz.

- Added additional Credit Card fields to database.

- Added Web check for updates (select Help/Check Web for Updates).

To save space older updates have been removed.